The goal of the IJA Juggling Championships is to reward a stage-performed juggling act that is entertaining and marketable to a broad audience. The IJA Juggling Championships finals are held every year during the annual IJA Festival. Tickets for the final round of competitions are sold to the public.

Competitors are required to submit a video of their completed, polished routine, pay a registration fee, and complete all other application requirements by the deadline below in order to be considered for the finals.

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Deadline to apply: May 1, 2020

Have questions? Contact the Championships Directors at

The 2020 IJA Juggling Championships will take place in the Plaza Theater, El Paso, TX. Opened in 1930, the Plaza was billed as the largest theater between Dallas and Los Angeles. After a period of decline, it has been restored twice, reopening as functional in 1990 and restored to its original grandeur in 2006. It routinely books touring Broadway productions and major concerts. At 2,050-seats, it’s the largest IJA venue in recent memory.

Competitors may find it helpful to know that the performing area is approximately 36 ft wide by 30 ft deep (11 x 9 meters). There is an additional 3 feet forward of the proscenium. We are hoping to provide 25 ft (7.6 meters) height, but the exact height available will depend on the lighting needs of the show.

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The top three acts in each category will receive IJA Championships medals and monetary awards.

In addition, this year, all Individuals and Juniors competitors who qualify for the finals of the Juggling Championships, will receive a FREE festival Event Package, and Teams will receive this benefit for up to four people on each team. (Such finalists who register for the festival with an Event Package before becoming finalists will be refunded the full price of their Event Package price.)

First Place – Gold Medal$1,000$1,500$500
Second Place – Silver Medal$400$600$200
Third Place – Bronze Medal$200$300$100

The IJA Juggling Championships are scored by a diverse panel of judges

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