Jul 14, 2022 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Exhibit Hall

Fight Night is a bracket-based competition of Combat Juggling; the last juggler maintaining their pattern wins! In order to compete you do need to participate in a qualification round. After you finish your qualification round you will need to stay around in order to play everyone and to see if you have qualified to play in the Knockout Tournament.

You will be able to sign up in the Gym during the festival in order to take part in Fight Night. Fight Night takes place in the gym on (Friday July 17 th; Qualifications are at TIME )

What is Combat Juggling?

Combat juggling is a sport played by two or more players juggling three juggling clubs each. Combat can be played individually against a single opponent (one-on-one-combat), between teams of two or more players each, or in a group where everyone plays against everyone. The object of the game is to maintain their own juggling pattern while attempting to make the opponent drop one or more clubs. For more detailed information about Fight Night, why it started, and current rankings check out: fightnightcombat.com