IJA Juggling Championships is a competition of the worlds best jugglers and juggling teams! Come watch the IJA Champions battle it out with their most entertaining acts, and cheer on your favorites as they compete for the gold medal.

2024 Medals & Prize Money

The top three acts in each division will receive IJA Championships medals and monetary awards.

In addition, all Individuals and Juniors competitors who qualify for the finals of the Juggling Championships, will receive a FREE festival event package, and Teams will receive this benefit for up to four people on each team. ( Jugglers who register for an event package before becoming finalists will be refunded the full price paid of their event package.)


Individuals Teams Juniors
First Place – Gold Medal $1,000 $1,500 $500
Second Place – Silver Medal $400 $600 $200
Third Place – Bronze Medal $200 $300 $100



The deadline for completing your entry in the IJA Juggling Championships is May 10, 2024. To find out more, including the application and selection process for competitors, the complete rules and requirements, and the medals and prizes, please see the IJA Juggling Championships Rules.


Keith Nelson


Delaney Bayles

Masahiro Takarada

Jacob D'Eustachio

Jasper Fleer

Vinny Carter

Gideon Elson

Galen Harp


Smile Group Canada - Performing Arts Theatre for Teens and Kids

Daniel & Julius

Harry & Harrison


Stefan Hart

Chu-Huan Wang

Teo Winger

Atticus Abraham


Meyer Theater