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Hosted by Matt Hall, and scored by IJA Members, the International Jugglers’ Association is pleased to announce the 2021 IJA Online Juggling Championships! This event is based on the structure and rules of the IJA Juggling Championships normally held at the annual IJA Festival, but with some modifications to accommodate the virtual festival.


You’re the judge!

All IJA members are invited to participate in the Championships as judges. Competitors’ pre-recorded video entries will be streamed live, and after each routine members will have an opportunity to score it.  To ensure that you can participate as a judge, be sure to join or (if necessary) renew your IJA membership. Then make sure in advance that you can login at

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Matt Hall

Matt Hall began his juggling habit at the tender age of 27, after he purchased Charlie Dancey’s Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling and vowed to learn every trick in the book. Known as the “Juggle Sensei”, he has garnered several awards, including the IJA Peoples’ Choice Award and IJA Bobby May Award. He has performed, taught workshops, and emceed all over the U.S., as well as in Scotland, England, Australia, Israel, Canada, The Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand and Denmark. Before the lockdown, he was an invited guest to EJC 2019 in England and the New Zealand Juggling Festival in 2020.  Matt has been a high school teacher of Japanese for 21 years.

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Cinthia “La Flaka” Buitrón

Cinthia ” La Flaka” Buitrón, es una Artista Multidisciplinaria de la Ciudad de Torreón Coahuila, México. En el año 2014 se convierte en el Primer Mexicano en aparecer en el Top 40 de Malabarismo. Se especializada en la técnica y control del equilibrio. Con 10 años de trayectoria, a estado presente en Festivales Nacionales e Internacionales, donde destaca EJC 2013, en Toulouse, Francia. Su pasión por el equilibrio la a llevado a desarrollar una nueva técnica a la cual llama los “Flaka Rolls”, investigación que comenzó sobre el Club on the head y ahora se traduce a distintos objetos así teniendo como resultado, de su trabajó una identidad como malabarista y de esta manera trascender en la historia del Malabarismo. Su Maestro es Christian Tinoco con quién fundó La Compañía @unicirclolaguna en el año 2011, actualmente ella trabaja en el Proyecto híbrido Battle Night, con más de 5 Ligas Nacionales e Internacional de Malabarismo.

Cinthia “La Flaka” Buitrón, is a multidisciplinary artist from the city of Torreón Coahuila, México. In 2014, she became the first Mexican to appear on the Top 40 Jugglers list. She specializes in technique and balance control. With ten years of experience, she has performed in national and international festivals; a highlight was the EJC 2013 in Toulouse, France. Her passion for balance has led her to develop a new technique, “Flaka rolls,” which began with research with a club on her head, which she has now translated into different objects. This work has resulted in her identity as a juggler transcending the history of juggling. Her teacher is Christian Tinoco, with whom she founded the company @unicirclolaguna in 2011.  She currently works on the hybrid project Battle Night, with more than five national and international juggling leagues.

David Cain

David Cain is a Guinness World Record-holding juggler who has been juggling for 39 years. He has performed over 15,000 shows all over the world. David has written twenty-three books, including thirteen books about the history of Juggling. He is a 15-time IJA gold medalist and has been awarded both the Bobby May Award and the Excellence in Education Award by the IJA. David is the owner of the Museum of Juggling History, located in Middletown, Ohio.

Adam Dipert

Adam Dipert is a postdoctoral research scholar and has wowed audiences as a professional circus performer for nearly twenty years. After he started studying human movement in weightlessness as preparation for his first parabolic flight in 2016, he has logged countless hours exploring the frontiers of microgravity flow in pools, aerial harnesses, floatation tanks, wind tunnels, and airplanes. In addition to developing this style of juggling for outer space, he has exercised remarkable restraint not asking NASA for permission to spin fire on the ISS.

Kohei Itabashi

I’m a juggler in Japan and I usually show and teach juggling. It’s a pity that the normal festival wasn’t held this year. So I thought about a show unique to online. Please enjoy it!

William “Alex” Larson

Originally from Northwest Arkansas, William “Alex” Larson has been juggling for over six years. One of his first juggling performances was at the 2016 IJA festival’s Youth Showcase in El Paso, TX. Since then he has continued exploring the use of juggling in theatrical storytelling at the University of Arkansas and then with The Circus Project’s Elements Training Company in Portland, OR. He hopes you enjoy his act and looks forward to passing with you in the future.

Keisuke Yamazaki

I’ve been juggling since 2005 and doing poi since 2007. I won third place on the Japan Juggling Online Stage 2020. I love poi. Among them, I love tail poi best. I always seek to produce the potential of tail poi. I thought, I’ve been wanting to join the IJA. I can finally tick this off my bucket list.


Raising Cain

Raising Cain consists of identical twins David and Scott Cain along with David’s daughter Isabel and Scott’s daughter Elizabeth. Scott and David first competed in the IJA Teams Championships in 1991, so this marks the 30th anniversary of that event. David and Scott have won a total of 20 gold medals in the IJA Stage and Numbers Championships and won the title of America’s Most Talented Twins in 2014. Elizabeth and Isabel, who sometimes perform as Liz and Iz, were awarded the IJA Rising Stars Award in 2014.


Ella Catanzaro

Ella Catanzaro is 15 years old and started to juggle at a local circus camp. When the camp closed down, she began spending summers with Circus Smirkus. During the pandemic, Delaney Bayles started coaching and helping her grow as a juggler. Ella loves expressing herself in different ways while juggling; working creatively with motion is what makes her happy. She made this act because she wanted to stretch herself and to show her own style to people that appreciate juggling the same way she does.

Janice Chao

Janice Chao is a 16-year old from Marlboro, New Jersey who has been juggling for over eight years. Her passion for juggling was inspired by watching diabolo performances in Taiwan as a young child. She’s performed at multiple public venues, including the Brooklyn Nets Halftime Show, the Passport to Taiwan Festival, and the IJA Youth Showcase. Additionally, she teaches the diabolo to school-aged kids throughout her community to inspire a passion for juggling in those around her. She has also won multiple diabolo competitions at the state and regional levels. In her free time, Janice loves watching soccer, drawing, reading, and going on hikes.

Nikolai Marshall

Nikolai Marshall is a 15-year-old juggler who trains at The Circus Place in Hillsborough, NJ with Richard Kennison. Nikolai has performed with the Circus Place Youth Troupe, the Trenton Circus Squad, and in the Bindlestiff Cavalcade of Youth, AYCO Festivals, and the IJA Youth Showcase. Nikolai’s love for throwing (and catching) things may or may not exceed his love for ice cream and dogs.

Andy Mbalati

Andy Mbalati started juggling about four years ago and was heavily inspired by Niels Duinker. He excels in ball juggling, creating excellent patterns incorporating neck and leg catches. Andy is a proud South African and currently in his first year of university.

Thomas Whitaker

I am a 17-year-old juggler who uses basketballs as props and is able to perform multiple tricks with them. I have been juggling for almost five years, since the age of just 12. I aim to give this competition my best shot! Let’s do it!