The IJA Festival Youth Showcase is digital this year, and seeing as such, we want to share incredible youth from all over! As the world turns and juggling evolves, we hope to encourage and support the creativity, skill, and passion young jugglers/performers bring to our community. We want to welcome them into a safe and accessible environment as they demonstrate for us, on stage, what we all love about juggling.

The Youth Showcase is traditionally a non-competitive event at which young performers with routines can get stage time to show their skills for a supportive audience. IJA 2021 will utilize the digital format to showcase amazing youth performers from all over!

Val the Juggler

Valentin is a juggler from Switzerland. At six years old he watched his father practicing in the backyard and decided he wanted to become a professional juggler. He qualified five balls before the age of nine, six balls before the age of ten, and is determined to qualify seven before turning eleven. His prop of choice is balls but also juggles clubs and rings. He enjoys passing with his father. Valentin takes circus classes from his local circus group and participates in circus and clown workshops while performing all he’s learned, along with his juggling, onstage!

One Wheel Wonders

Circus Harmony performs in their home ring at City Museum, throughout St. Louis, across the country, and around the world! Our One Wheel Wonders range in age from 10-17. This unicycle act was created in June 2021 for a train themed corporate event at Union Station (hence the conductor hats and train whistle!).

Performers: Lacy Gragg, Finn McNamee, Ethan Ryan, Dennis, Philip, & Eliot Bailey

Debonair Diabolo Dudes

This is the diabolo act from the 2016 Circus Harmony show titled Giocoso which was about finding what brings you joy!

You can see this and other acts on the Circus Harmony YouTube page at

Yahel Retter: Recent graduate form Codarts University of the Arts in Amsterdam
Chauncey Kroner: Currently performing with Flynn Creek Circus
Oliver Layher: Currently attending Ecole Nationale de Cirque
Ollie Lloyd: Recent high school graduate (not currently in circus)
Malik Leeks: Currently in high school (not currently in circus)
Jean Tae: Currently performing with Bindlestiff Cirkus

Milla Bells

Hello, my name is Milla Bells. I am 8 years old, I am a 6th generation of circus, and I have been practicing bouncing juggling for 1 year.  I was born in Chicago Illinois, but currently I am in Mexico and I am also Mexican on my father’s side and Russian on my mother’s side.

City of Lakes Waldorf

The 8th grade class of City of Lakes Waldorf shares two juggling acts from their annual circus production from 2021! Typically performed live and for an audience, this year’s class decided to create a Circus ‘mockumentary’ titled ‘The Clowndemics!’ To learn more visit:
Helen – Cigar Boxes
Onica and Beela – Rings

Directed by: Jason Burnstein
Juggling Coach: Benjamin Domask-Ruh

Jan and Timo

Jan Damm is a professional juggler and clown who has performed around the US and internationally with both tented circuses and theatrical shows. He lives in Vermont with his wife Ariele, his son Timo and his daughter Ilsa.

Timo Damm is 5 years old. His father is a clown and his mother is a tightwire dancer. Timo has toured with Big Apple Circus as an honorary ring crew member starting at age 1. He has performed clowning with Bindlestiff Family Circus, Vermont Vaudville, and Nimble Arts. He also likes legos and Dragons.

Our clown act was filmed at Vermont Vaudeville in October, 2020, in Greensboro, VT. Features Jan Damm (me) and Timo Damm, who was 4 at the time of filming.