Below are some of the IJA volunteers who have dedicated their time to assist with the smooth running of the IJA Festival. Please be considerate and patient if you ask for help; some requests take time to process. This list of IJA Festival Contacts will continue to be added to as more volunteers come on board. If you’re interesting in volunteering, please contact us.

Noel Yee
Festival Director
Afton Benson
Ross Berenson
Show Director
Nathan Wakefield
Nathan Wakefield
Person gray photo placeholder woman
Shivella Schwab
Festival Registrar
Emily Moore
Joggling Championships Director
Jack Kalvan
XJuggling Coordinator
Jay Ko
Mike Moore
Mike Sullivan
Vendor Coordinator
Matan Presberg
Numbers Championships Directors
Merry Spahr
Numbers Championships Directors
Neilfred Picciotto
Championships Co-Director
Viveca Gardiner
Championships Co-Director