The competitions are always a highlight of the festival! From Joggling to the IJA Juggling Championships, there's definitely something for you!

IJA Juggling Championships

The IJA Juggling Championships is a prestigious international competition recognizing top-level entertainment.

IJA Numbers Championships

Jugglers compete to juggle the most balls, clubs, and rings, for the most number of catches.

Battle Night

Experience IJA's second Battle Night – Club Juggling Battle!

Fight Night Combat Juggling Finals

Combat juggling like no other! Head to Head Duel! Last one juggling, wins.

North American VolleyClub Championship - Finals

Get Set for the VolleyClub tournament, and Spike the competition!

IJA World Joggling Championships

This fast paced sport is a long-standing IJA competition that combines juggling and running.


XJuggling is the fast paced, non-stop, best trick competition. This event is about pushing the limits of creativity and possibility.


Challenge yourself and others while showing off your skills in various games from club endurance to wheelbarrow racing!